Common ties

Seven core conditions were identified in relation to common ties for community. Many of these conditions relate to the ‘What’s in it for me?’ question that prospective members might ask. Management has a key role is supporting these conditions by fostering, promoting, brokering and facilitating ties within the community. These are ties to the practical nature and focus of the community activity; ties to the larger community or domain and its core values; and ties developed between members through their collaborations and successes.

Advice for management in cultivation of the COMMON TIES component of community

Situatedness: Concentrate on communities and topics that matter.  Leverage climate and stay abreast of, and drawn upon, current issues and matters of import to the community.

Value: Support a shared understanding of the value of being together. Have members articulate value and support opportunities to collaborate and develop a shared understanding of the value of being together

Relating to the larger community: Work to be an inspiration to the wider community outside. Be innovative yet practical, collect and share feedback and be able to relate and communicate success to the wider community in a two way relationship.

Values: Build on the core values of the institution, profession or domain. Understand and embody the culture and values inherent in, or aspired to, by the membership and wider community in order to foster appropriate values.

Accreditation and recognition: Consider a variety of forms of accreditation and recognition. Consider and act on opportunities to publicly (internal and external) gain kudos, recognition, acknowledgment for members and the community.

Cutting edge: Create real dialogue about cutting edge issues. Know what is cutting edge in the domain and to the membership and support discourse around this in the community.

Focus: Continually reinforce the community’s focus. With membership support and regularly revisit and restate the focus of the community.


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